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The largest organizations and NGOs rely on Factal:

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"I’ve seen every vendor pitch. Factal is sitting on top of a rocket ship."

- Chief security officer of a Fortune 100 company

Act faster on the facts when you're at risk

When a breaking news event puts your organization at risk, you need immediate information you can trust.

Through a hybrid of AI and experienced journalists, Factal detects, verifies and geolocates breaking news in real time from thousands of global sources. Then our enterprise-strength platform provides an unprecedented view into how your organization is impacted.

Instead of struggling to keep up, you respond faster and get more done in the most demanding situations. Learn more.

Fastest verified alerts

Get fast and accurate breaking news alerts from the only platform that combines real-time discovery with trusted verification.

Pinpoint customization

See just the breaking news impacting your organization, 
anywhere in the world, with unprecedented speed and pinpoint precision.

Live collaboration

Join the world’s largest real-time community of security, crisis and safety professionals in a secure, real-time chat.

Market solutions

Corporate security: Protect employees and facilities wherever they are

Business continuity: Anticipate disruptions to global operations

Executive protection: See what's happening near you and your team

Crisis communications: Get a jump on high-risk breaking news events

Disaster response and humanitarian aid NGOs (free): Expedite your response

Government (limited): Stay ahead of global news events

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Free access for life-saving NGOs

Factal was founded on a public service mission to protect people from imminent harm and help those in immediate need. Many of the world's largest humanitarian aid and disaster relief NGOs rely on Factal's free service.

Factal's free coverage and services

Factal for NGOs

Qualified disaster response and humanitarian aid organizations get full Factal access for free.


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