Know what's real — in real time

Decision-ready risk intelligence

In a world of information pollution and AI noise, Factal's trusted verification enables organizations to make quick proactive decisions when faced with crisis and uncertainty.

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"Factal is the end-all, be-all of risk intelligence. You make me look like a superstar."

- Senior analyst at Atmos Energy

"We consider Factal to be business critical. It's as important as our phone system."

- Security manager at Salesforce

"Factal is so fast, it's unbelievable. Not having to verify saves us the equivalent of two analysts' time."

- Leader at risk management firm

"I've seen every vendor pitch. Factal is sitting on top of a rocket ship."

- Chief security officer of a Fortune 100 company

"You're the real deal, and your product has a real-world impact."

- Head of security for a global NGO

"Factal has been absolutely clutch for us as we navigate this wild time."

- Communications exec at Fortune 50 company

Get a head start with the fastest verified data of critical events

Discover emerging and high-risk events ahead of major media reports. Powered by a hybrid of AI and experienced journalists, Factal detects early signals, filters out the noise and verifies the facts at the speed of social media.

Respond faster and reduce costs with real-time automation

While open data sources splinter, Factal's platform brings it all together. Get alerted to what matters across a diverse array of sources, including X/Twitter, Telegram and Facebook. You make quicker decisions, save countless hours and free your team to do more impactful work. Learn more.

Securely chat with other companies in proximity to the same incident

In a first for the private sector, organizations in proximity to the same incident – like an incoming hurricane or wildfire – can securely share information with each other in real time. You can also ask our editors questions around the clock. Welcome to the new era of collaborative resilience. Learn more.

Shield your company, people and brand from emerging threats

Get the widest, most holistic view of risk and threat intelligence on the market. From physical incidents and brand mentions to geopolitical developments and cybersecurity threats, Factal has you covered in a single integrated platform.

See precisely where your company is at risk with True Impact™

Factal's proximity technology notifies you instantly whenever a breaking news event will likely impact your company's locations. From 50 regional locations to 50,000 global assets, see a clear operational picture of how you're impacted.

Get the app that security, crisis and resilience leaders are raving about

Factal's blazing-fast breaking news app is a staple in the industry. Keep tabs on what's impacting your company right now, then see what's happening near your own location as you travel.

Integrate with Factal's powerful API

Factal is there where you need it, on any pane of glass. Connect with our wide range of innovative partners with ready-to-go integrations. Or developers can tap into Factal's API to spin up custom applications and visualizations.

Extend Factal with downright simple integrations

Just plug and play on any pane of glass

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Market solutions

Global security and threat intelligence: Protect employees and facilities

Operational resilience: Anticipate disruptions to supply chains and operations

Crisis management and communications: Triage and collaborate around an event

Executive protection: See what's happening near you and your team

Disaster response and humanitarian aid NGOs (free): Expedite your response

Government (limited): Stay ahead of global news events

Ready to get started? Qualified companies get quick trial access

We'll make sure Factal is a fit for your organization with a quick call and demo. Then take a free 30-day test drive supported by our rock-star member success team.

Simple pricing, quick onboarding and stellar service

You're busy. So we've made it fast, simple and stress-free to get up and running with Factal. Our pricing plans are straightforward. Our secure, cloud-based technology can be configured in just a few minutes, wherever you are. And we're known for our top-notch customer service. Give Factal a try and see why we're growing so quickly.

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Free access for life-saving NGOs

Factal was founded on a public service mission to protect people from imminent harm and help those in immediate need. Many of the world's largest humanitarian aid and disaster relief NGOs rely on Factal's free service.

Factal's free coverage and services

Factal for NGOs

Qualified disaster response and humanitarian aid organizations get full Factal access for free.


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