Facts matter more than ever in our dangerous, disorienting world

When a breaking news event puts your company at immediate risk, you need real-time information you can trust.

Unlike social media discovery tools, Factal verifies the facts in real time. Powered by advanced technology and experienced on-duty journalists, Factal enables global companies to respond faster and more productively to protect what matters most.


Created by the founders of BreakingNews.com

“I’ve seen every vendor pitch. Factal is sitting on top of a rocket ship.”

- Chief security officer of Fortune 100 company

Verification at the speed of social media

The challenge five years ago was real-time discovery. Today the explosion of misinformation and disinformation clutters social media with noise, paralyzing decision-making and wasting critical resources.

Factal is the only company that combines lightning-fast discovery with trusted verification into a single platform, outpacing other breaking news sources. By acting on real-time facts, you accelerate your response time without taxing your team.

A new level of mapping precision

Breaking news events are geolocated with unprecedented speed and precision. In an instant, you’ll know if a high-risk incident is developing in close proximity to global offices, stores, supply lines or company events — even down to the meter.

Factal makes maps more actionable than ever, both on Factal's platform and a growing roster of partners like ESRI and Emerging Risk.


Corporate and
travel security

Protect employees wherever they are.


Anticipate disruptions to global operations.


Get a jump on high-risk global events.

Finally, a real-time platform that makes your job easier

Designed like a modern consumer news experience with frequent feature updates, Factal's site and mobile app make it easy to see the world's breaking news events and customize what's important to your company.

You can configure just the alerts that matter to you, on any screen, wherever you are. By rising above the noise, you get more done.

Fast AND accurate

Get lightning-fast, reliable coverage of global events without all the noise.

Precise locations

Eliminate guesswork with the most precise incident geolocation available.

Customized alerts

Get notified of emerging incidents that matter most to your company.

Safer together

Collaborate with other Factal members impacted by the same incident.

Wherever you go

Miss the Breaking News app? The new Factal app has you covered.

Mapping API

Extend Factal's real-time incident data to third-party mapping providers.

Introducing a new era of collaboration

When you log into Factal, you're not alone. Together with our on-duty editors, you're connecting with the largest real-time community of security and disaster response professionals in the world.

That's because global incidents – like a severe weather event – impact more than one organization at a time. By collaborating under a shared mission, we are safer together.




Emergent Risk

The Factal journalism advantage

Verification is much more than blue check marks and rewritten Tweets. Factal’s experienced editors weigh multiple sources, pointing out inconsistencies and prioritizing important details – fast.

Written in ready-to-distribute AP style, Factal’s alerts provide clear sourcing, vital context and, when necessary, immediate corrections. Other services don't acknowledge errors, putting you at risk.

Free access for life-saving NGOs

Disaster response and humanitarian aid nonprofits like Team Rubicon, Direct Relief and Samaritan's Purse have free access to Factal.

NGOs not only use Factal to help people impacted by major events and disasters, but also to protect their global employees and volunteers who work in the world’s most dangerous countries. Learn more about the program and apply for free NGO access.

An ethical company earning your trust

With concerns about data privacy, disinformation and civil liberties on the rise, Factal takes an open, transparent approach to providing our members with trustworthy, sustainable services.

Founded by award-winning journalists on a public service mission to protect people from harm around the world, Factal is a news organization grounded in a comprehensive code of ethics. From data privacy to newsroom practices, Factal works hard to gain your trust.