With lives on the line, facts matter.

Social media signals are everywhere. But when disaster strikes, you need immediate intelligence you can trust.

Powered by journalists and technology working together in real time, Factal gives companies the facts they need to protect people, avoid disruptions and drive automation when the unexpected happens.


Created by the founders of BreakingNews.com

“I’ve seen every vendor pitch. Factal is sitting on top of a rocket ship.”

- Chief security officer of Fortune 100 company

Fast AND accurate

Get lightning-fast, reliable coverage of global events without all the noise.

Precise locations

Eliminate guesswork with the most precise incident geolocation available.

Customized updates

Get notified of emerging incidents that matter most to your company.

Safer together

Collaborate with other Factal members impacted by the same incident.

Diverse sources

See trusted sources across multiple platforms for a complete picture.

Wherever you go

Miss the Breaking News app? The new Factal app has you covered.

How Factal accelerates response times for corporate security and travel safety

Social tools require you to sift 
through noise and misinformation
 to make sense of what’s happening, slowing your response time.

Factal separates fact from fiction faster than any other service, delivering actionable incidents
 that accelerate your response.