Factal is there where you need it, on any pane of glass.

We've integrated with a broad range of innovative partners via Factal's powerful API.


ArcGIS maps information and provides location-based analytics for every aspect of an organization. Factal’s integration enriches your ArcGIS maps by alerting you to real-time breaking news, geolocated alongside your assets. You can try Factal’s Breaking News Feature Layer in your ArcGIS application or dashboard for 30 days for free.

Emergent Risk International

Emergent Risk International presents expert analysis and curated datasets in the Emergent Risk Situation Room™. It’s designed by and for intelligence analysts. Integrating Factal gives you the latest verified news directly in the Situation Room, helping your team report with more accuracy in less time.


Vismo takes pride in providing location monitoring and safety solutions, helping remove the risks faced by globally travelling staff, domestic lone workers or those working from home. With Factal's risk intelligence, teams can securely send critical updates directly to staff based on Vismo's GNSS technology.

Infinite Blue

Infinite Blue gives organizations clarity and control over their entire resilience program. With Factal's feeds seamlessly integrated, Infinite Blue's next generation platform, Cenari, helps organizations immediately identify and act on threats, and bounce back faster from natural disasters, security breaches, global pandemics, and other disruptions.

Kinetic Global

Kinetic Global is a global duty of care and security company operating in more than 175 countries. With Factal data integrated into Kinetic's Critical Event Management (CEM) platform your team can anticipate, monitor, communicate, respond, and protect employees and assets- before, during AND after a critical incident occurs.

EVERYWHERE Communications

EVERYWHERE Communications provides reliable, mission-critical communications with employees in remote regions outside of cellular coverage. Factal data can be seamlessly integrated and overlaid onto maps in the EVERYWHERE Hub, empowering safety leaders to send accurate threat information based on mobile worker location to ensure the safety of employees doing good things in challenging environments.


Ontic keeps physical threats at bay by providing a unified protective intelligence platform. Factal data integrates directly into the Ontic dashboard. This lets you customize views to provide the news you need to protect your people and assets.


Everbridge creates a single, turnkey operating environment for fast response to critical events. By integrating Factal data with their powerful Visual Command Center® software, you can seamlessly transition from identifying an incident to alerting your people.


VertiGIS unlocks even more capabilities for ArcGIS, with no-code solutions that add new mapping tools. Factal data combined with VertiGIS gives you a customized news experience for your responsibilities - even on mobile.