Factal is a new approach for our new normal

From climate change to the pandemic, global events are more dangerous and disorienting than ever. The explosion of misinformation and disinformation paralyzes decision-making, wastes resources and puts lives in danger. With Factal, you can act faster when your organization is at immediate risk.

Facts at the speed of breaking news

Factal is the only solution that combines trusted verification with lightning-fast discovery in a single platform. Powered by a hybrid of AI and experienced journalists, Factal filters out the noise and verifies the facts, accelerating your response time and reducing your stress level.

Live collaboration

When you log into Factal, you're not alone. Together with our editors on duty around the clock, you're connecting with the largest real-time community of security, business continuity, crisis and disaster response professionals in the world. We are safer working together in real time.

Ethics for our new world

With heightened concerns about privacy and civil liberties, Factal is a news organization grounded in a comprehensive code of ethics. Founded by award-winning journalists on a public service mission to protect people from harm, we work hard to earn your trust through transparency.

Real-time verification

Our AI detects early signals across dozens of languages and thousands of open data sources. Then our 24/7 editors verify it – fast. Still want unverified signals? You can have that, too.

Precise proximity

Factal provides the most precise news geolocation and proximity analysis on the market. Securely import locations, and we’ll notify you when news happens nearby – down to the meter.

Flexible alerting

From individuals to groups to your entire team, it’s easy to customize just the breaking news alerts you need. Get customized notifications on email, browser, app and chat.

Customized mapping

Add mapping layers like live weather, real-time traffic and active wildfires from trusted data sources like Google, Weather Channel and NASA. See the full picture in the Factal platform.

Live collaboration

Connect with Factal members and our on-duty editors in a secure chat around the clock, tapping the collective knowledge of security, crisis and safety pros around the world.

App you'll actually use

The Factal iOS and Android app is a blazing-fast breaking news app that you can customize for work and wherever you go. You can even get alerts when news breaks nearby.

Deep analysis

Data geeks, rejoice. You can slice and dice Factal’s breaking news data for both tactical analysis and strategic research – stretching back two years in our coverage archives.

Trusted journalism

Factal’s experienced editors provide clear sourcing, vital context and, when necessary, immediate corrections. We’re transparent about how we work so you can trust our coverage.

Easy and unlimited

Factal is easy to use, and it takes just a few minutes to get started. Our members enjoy unlimited Factal seats, making any additions or changes to your team a snap.

A few of our open data sources:

Twitter NOAA VK USGS Google Weibo The Weather Channel NASA

"Factal has been absolutely clutch for us as we navigate this wild time."

- Fortune 100 company

Early breaking news alerts include:

Natural disasters: Severe weather, wildfires, earthquakes and more

Crime and conflict: Active shootings, terror attacks and global conflict

Disease outbreaks: New outbreaks, lockdowns and travel restrictions

Transportation: Travel and freight disruptions in air, road, rail and sea

Cybersecurity: Data breaches, ransomware attacks and internet outages

Geopolitics: Elections, political instability and disinformation efforts

How Factal accelerates your response (and reduces your stress level)

Before Factal, you had a choice. You could act instantly on unverified information and risk being wrong, or wait for credible reporting. The wait has grown longer, entangled with misinformation, contradictions and overwhelming noise.

Now that wait is over. Factal bridges the speed-accuracy gap through a hybrid of AI technology and our global team of experienced journalists. Drawing from an enormous pool of open data, Factal detects, verifies and prioritizes critical details – fast.

You see a clear operational picture of how your organization is impacted, and verified alerts are routed straight to the people who need to know. Even in the most demanding situations, you’re able to make the right decisions and respond faster than ever before.

How Factal helps your team be more productive

You don’t need more data. You need better data and smarter technology to keep up with the accelerating pace and uncertainty of global events.

A small security team at a major US airline switched to Factal as they struggled to keep up with noisy "unvetted data-mining platforms." Now the airline relies on Factal’s verification and customization to make sense of COVID-19 and other events in real time.

"Our organization’s current process has been greatly simplified," the airline explained. "Our decision to utilize Factal has truly tipped the scales to a more security-driven and proactive approach to global events."

Download the case study to see how the airline saves time with Factal.

Extend Factal to any screen with our powerful API

Whether you’re relying on Factal as a standalone service or a powerful complement to another tool, your team should be able to operate on any pane of glass – at home, in the office or in the field.

We’ve partnered with a wide array of innovative partners such as Esri (pictured) to integrate Factal’s trusted real- time data in mapping, alerting and collaboration tools.

Visit our partner page to learn more about API integrations.