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Humanitarian aid, disaster relief and human rights NGOs rely on Factal’s trusted breaking news platform to help protect field staff, direct emergency resources and keep tabs on fast-moving developments in the world’s most dangerous places.

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"An incredible resource that has elevated our emergency response capacity."

- Dr. Nicolette Louissaint, Healthcare Ready

Fastest verified alerts

Get fast and accurate breaking news alerts of natural disasters, global conflict, disease outbreaks, geopolitical shifts and more.

Real-time mapping

Zoom into global news events for pinpoint geolocation, and choose from a full spectrum of live mapping layers.

Trusted mobile app

Factal’s app is popular in the field, notifying staff of new verified developments – even when news breaks nearby.

How Factal helps NGOs

Global security: Respond faster to help protect NGO staff and volunteers

Operations: Get a jump on deploying life-saving resources to impacted areas

Field staff: Empower field teams to keep an eye on nearby developments

Communications: Avoid misinformation and stay ahead of the news

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Factal's public service mission:

Protect people from imminent harm and help those in immediate need

Code of ethics

Factal is a news organization working hard to earn your trust. Learn more in our code of ethics.

Privacy and security

We’re careful to respect and protect the privacy of both data sources and our members.

Our story

Factal was created by the founders of, a free service that shut down in 2016.