When breaking news impacts your organization, everyone needs to know the facts.

Factal’s solutions help teams large and small respond faster when it matters most.

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Corporate and travel security

Trusted by many of the world's leading companies, Factal is an enterprise-strength solution for corporate security operations of all sizes. From 24/7 analyst teams to small GSOCs, Factal enables organizations to respond faster, protect global staff and get more done in the most demanding situations.

Operational resilience, business continuity and disaster response

Identify critical events, assess risk and anticipate disruptions with unprecedented speed and precision. See impacts on supply chains and global operations, then quickly activate a crisis response with a broad spectrum of partner platforms.

Executive protection

From the office to the field, Factal helps executive protection teams stay a step ahead of breaking news wherever they are. The Factal mobile app provides both proximity and nearby alerts, allowing EP teams to keep tabs on what's happening around them and locations of interest.

Crisis communications and PR

A deeply-customizable breaking news platform, Factal enables crisis comms and public relations teams to get a jump on critical events that may impact their company and industry – before the news bubbles up to senior leadership.

NGO's (free service)

More than 50 of the world's largest humanitarian aid and disaster relief NGOs rely on Factal to help protect their staff and guide their response to people in need. As part of our mission, the full Factal service is free and unlimited for qualified NGOs spanning security, operations, communications and field teams. Learn more.

Fact-checking and news curation

Technology platforms and fact-checking organizations rely on Factal to help avoid and refute mis- and disinformation. By identifying emerging global incidents, trusted sources and the facts in early stages, Factal helps fact-checkers and news curators stay a step ahead of the fallout. Factal is free for qualified fact-checking networks like IFCN.

Government (limited)

Select government departments and agencies can put Factal to work to get a jump on global breaking news events while avoiding mis- and disinformation. To learn more, please contact us.

Data solutions

Factal's verified and precisely-geolocated news data is available in a real-time and historic API for a variety of consumer and enterprise use cases. Please contact us for details.