Trusted solutions for modern resilient organizations

Factal's decision-ready intelligence makes it easy for multiple teams to make sense of what's happening, assess what's at risk and coordinate a response, faster than ever.

Global security, travel safety and executive protection

Trusted by many of the world's leading organizations, Factal is an enterprise-strength solution for teams of all sizes. From 24/7 analyst teams and security details to global security operations centers, Factal empowers organizations to respond proactively to protect staff and travelers around the world.

Business continuity, supply chain management and resilience

Crisis is everyone's business, and Factal's decision-ready intelligence empowers busy business continuity and resilience teams to stay a step ahead and keep everyone in the loop. Discover incidents and threats that pose a risk to your people, systems, supply chains and brands — all in one place.

Geopolitical risk intelligence

Geopolitics is more than tweets. Factal's global multilingual newsroom makes sense of new developments, drawing from a powerful AI detection platform and source reliability metrics to avoid mis- and disinformation. Get verified updates written by journalists, ready for distribution.

Crisis management, brand risk and crisis communications

A deeply-customizable breaking news and brand monitoring platform, Factal enables crisis management, comms and PR teams to get a jump on critical events — then triage information and collaborate internally to best coordinate a response.

Humanitarian aid and disaster relief NGOs (free service)

More than 250 of the world's largest humanitarian aid and disaster relief NGOs rely on Factal to help protect their staff and guide their response to people in need. As part of our mission, Factal's service is free and unlimited for qualified NGOs spanning security, operations, communications and field teams. Learn more.

Media newsrooms and fact-checking

Break news without breaking the bank. News organizations and fact-checking teams rely on Factal to detect global events in early stages, verify social media sources and avoid mis- and disinformation. From assignment desks to field crews, Factal is easy to use, customize and distribute on an unlimited basis.

Government solutions

Several of the world's largest diplomatic, civilian and other qualified government and intergovernmental agencies rely on Factal's decision-ready risk intelligence. To learn more about our modern, cost-effective solutions, please contact us.

Data solutions for global security, risk analysis and AI safety

Factal provides the most precise data of global incidents and source reliability on the market. Detected by AI and verified by experienced journalists, Factal's real-time and historical data APIs are a staple across several industries.