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Factal's noise-free automation drives productivity gains that are unique in the industry. Freed from routine tasks, teams can pursue higher-value stategic work that raises their profile in their organizations. Together with our ROI benefits, Factal pays you back several times over.

Factal saves time and effort. We asked our members to quantify it

Noise is costly. So is the fragmentation of social media sources. It requires more analytical effort, slows decisions and stretches the team. Unlike other providers, Factal's proprietary AI technology draws from a wide, growing array of global data sources. Then our real-time verification delivers just what matters. By saving several steps, your team responds faster, more confidently and with less effort.

In fact our members tell us that Factal effectively expands their teams by an average of 2.7 people, freeing up staff to provide higher-value, strategic services that drive the business forward.

Equivalent to expanding your team by:

+2.7 employees

Accelerates average incident response by:

28 minutes

Survey of Factal members in 2022 comparing Factal to previous methods and tools like Dataminr, Everbridge's NC4 and Tweetdeck.

"Without Factal, we wouldn't be as large as we are now. It'd be a giant struggle to figure out how incidents are affecting different regions we care about. Using Factal has really allowed our team to expand [our services for the company.]"

- Security leader at Salesforce in a case study

"Factal has enabled us to shift several analysts to focus on complex strategic work that raises our profile and delivers more value to the company."

- Risk intelligence leader at Fortune 50 company

Then add the impressive ROI benefits

Beyond unique productivity gains, Factal delivers a return on investment that's on par with other risk intelligence, alerting and operational resilience tools. In evaluating industry vendors, Forrester Research used its Total Economic Impact model to project ROI ranging from 329-421% over a three-year period.

Protect people from harm

Reduce business disruption

Minimize property damage

Mitigate reputational damage

Members share the value of Factal

Pricing is refreshingly simple and scalable

1. Unlimited use

Unlimited users, notifications and location assets. Just a flat fee for your entire team.

2. No surprise charges

Unlike other vendors, we don't charge set-up or connector fees. The price is the price, period.

3. Stellar support

A dedicated member success manager partners with your team to get the most out of Factal.

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